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Welcome to my main habitat upon the web, and delve around. Hopefully you will find something that interests you within at least one of these pages. I'm always interested in feedback so please, don't hesitate to send me email if you'd like to.

A Little About Me
Updated: Sun Jun 24 20:49:26 2001 GMT
An attempt to describe myself a little bit, something that's not all that easy in HTML on a single page, so don't expect too much! Anyway I have no idea what to say about myself.

Digital Picture Gallery
Updated: Sun Feb 25 22:00:08 2001 GMT
A gallery of some of my favorite digital photographs. These pictures are all originals (i.e. I took them) and many of them make rather nice backdrops. NEW! For my newer pictures see http://www.partial-obscurity.com/.

Updated: Sun Feb 25 21:54:52 2001 GMT
Some images which have been sized for use as backdrops, which aren't from my digital picture gallery.

MetaCam - Camera Image Meta-Information Reader
Updated: Sat Aug 21 18:06:02 2004 GMT    UPDATED
A utility to read and decode meta-information from digtial camera images with Exif information - Specifically written to read images from a Nikon D1, but supports other cameras too.

DeNEF - Nikon D1 NEF image file decoder
Updated: Sun Oct 28 18:36:18 2001 GMT
A utility to decode NEF images producted by the Nikon D1 digital camera.

Musical Accompaniment
Updated: Sun Aug 5 20:15:14 2001 GMT
This is about the third attempt at a music page, so we'll see how this one fares.

Friends and Acquaintances
Updated: Mon Jul 30 23:23:21 2001 GMT
Well, it had to happen sooner or later, a links page. This is the usual page of links to other people's pages, which may start you off on another adventure across the web.

DVD Movies
Updated: Mon Jun 25 00:38:00 2001 GMT
This year I got myself a DVD player, which for some reason seems to cause me to get DVD's.. Here's a list of some of those I have.

Cheeseplant's House
Updated: Sun Feb 25 21:52:51 2001 GMT
A brief history of Cheeseplant's House - a multi-user talker which I created while at the University of Warwick, and which spawned a genre of internet talk programs.

Updated: Sun Feb 25 21:50:18 2001 GMT
Recently the US has been introducing new quarters, one for each state, with a different picture on the back. I kinda like them, and while looking at the coolest so far (CT: The Charter Oak) I came up with an idea....

Flights of Fantasy
Updated: Sun Feb 25 21:50:03 2001 GMT
Works of fiction, or rather, work of fiction. Here's a place in which I'll put any stories or poems I have written, however there's only the one here now.

Tools and Utilities
Updated: Sun Feb 25 21:49:48 2001 GMT
A collection of links to various pieces of software etc. which I find useful or think are just generally cool.

Updated Sat Aug 21 18:06:30 2004 GMT