DVD Movies

Fun to watch and listen to

Well, this isn't going to be a very exciting page I'm afraid, merely a list of some of the movies which I happen to own on DVD (which is a wonderful thing that I'm very glad I finally got around to participating in. I actually switched to DVD for the sound, rather than for the picture, because I'm odd like that.)

I've bought most of my 100 or so DVDs from 800.com, who've always been fast, a good price, and have a pretty good selection. However there's now a Best Buy within walking distance of my apartment so I've been picking up stuff on sale there lately.

For the totally curious, my current setup is as follows:
DVD Player

Soon to be a Denon DVD 2800 progressive scan player, currently I have a JVC progressive scan until the Denon comes out next week!


Philips 34 inch widescreen HDTV-ready set, which is hooked up to the DVD player via component video connection, and which is being fed a progressive signal. The picture quality is INCREDIBLE.. Very tasty indeed.


A Denon AVR-5700, which has been doing an excellent job for a while now, and still just about has enough inputs for all of the audio sources I've managed to come up with. The DVD player's audio connection is via a Coaxial Digital cable.


A Paradigm Monitor series speakers:
Fronts: Monitor 7
Center: CC-350
Rears: ADP-350
Subwoofer: PS-1000