Friends and Acquaintances

Links to the pages of some people I know

I've been avoiding doing one of these pages for a long time because I'm fairly hopeless at maintenance. There, I've confessed. Having said that, harass me if this page gets too far out of date, my email address is on the index page!

Kelli Sheppard

Joining us from the frozen wastes of Northern Ontario, Canada (okay, I'm overdoing it a little, but it DOES get cold there), is Kelli. I've known her online since August/Septemberish 1998. She runs Linux, appreciates geek toys, and has incredibly good tastes in many things (and some terrible tastes in others, but nobody's perfect).

Online we're both staff on The Resort - an Internet talker - where she's proof that "To be an effective-Super User, one needs Charm, Character, Intelligence, And a pair of sturdy Black Boots...". Needless to say she's very able to keep the populace inline, and has quite a formidable reputation.

I have to thank her for convincing me to reduce the strength of the coffee I drink down to a level where I can comfortably drink a lot of it, and also for helping develop an appreciation of The GAP.

Oh yes, and she was the Online Editor of MaximumLinux.com for the entirety of its life, not too bad for a Canadian, eh?.

Fred Ballard
Book-lover extraordinaire.

Xolf, who is very proud of his wonderful house, and hasn't spent much time on his web page recently, sorry.

Grim is a spod, actually no, grim is the spod. He seems to have gotten over sleeping on keyboards now, or so he says, so the square dimples on his forehead have probably gone by now.

Nick, who is always a great source of fascinating facts, and articles, and ideas.

The arty-moose, who's usually going to work on her page real soon now, honest. Actually, this is just a temporary page while she "fixes the other one". Of course, it's been real soon now for over 3 years so I wouldn't expect to see any change anytime soon 8-).

The Naked Dancing Llama
Go frolic, and you shall see.