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Digital Picture Gallery

NEWS: Okay - In case you're wondering why there haven't been any new pictures in a while, it's because of two things.. First I've been very busy at work and didn't have much free time to update stuff or take pictures, and secondly I have a new camera - A Nikon D1, which caused me to decide to re-design my gallery.. The newer pictures can be find on their own site now: http://www.partial-obscurity.com/

This gallery is intended to contain a small subset of the pictures I've taken with my Olympus D-600L digital camera. Unless otherwise stated, clicking on the moderately sized preview image will load the larger original digital photograph, as downloaded from the camera.

You can select from ALL of the images using this contact sheet to browse them, or choose from the most recent ones listed in the table below:

Image DateTitle of Picture (Probably not very inventive)

*** Older pictures only on contact sheet ***
1999-08-06Holding Back
1999-08-06The Lone Duck
1999-08-14White tufty flowers
1999-09-04Did He Fall or Was He Pushed?
1999-11-24Alcatraz: The Watchtower (from below)
1999-11-24Alcatraz: The Watchtower (from above)
1999-11-24Alcatraz: A glimpse of the free world, from the dining hall
1999-11-24Alcatraz: A glimpse of the free world, from the cell block
1999-11-24Alcatraz: Main lighthouse
1999-11-24San Francisco, From Alcatraz Island
1999-11-24A Seagull, minding its own business
1999-11-24A Seagull, watching over the tourists
1999-11-24Spiky blueish flower
1999-12-04Fall leaves
1999-12-04Some red berries
1999-12-04Buds and rain-tattered flowers
1999-12-04Bell-shaped flower
1999-12-04Evening sky over Sonoma wineries
1999-12-04Take one of me too!

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