Tools and Utilities

Handy gizmos and gadgets

The tools on this page are some of those I've used in the construction of these pages, and possibly some others which had no direct relevance to web page construction but are really useful generally and were worth a mention.


My systems at home are all running the Linux operating system. An excellent free UNIX like O/S. I use the RedHat 6.1, and 6.2 distributions.

The Gimp

2D graphics created and manipulated using The Gimp. Not only the best image manipulation program I've seen for UNIX/X-Windows, but also Free software.


Graphics conversions often performed using XV, the classic UNIX/X-Windows image viewer and converter [With superior spinning fish technology].


Lots of handy scripts which went into the making and maintenance of bits of this page are written in Perl. It's a powerful scripting language for UNIX and Win32 platforms.


3D raytraced graphics created using the Persistence Of Vision raytracer. A free ray tracing package for many operating systems.