Camera Image Meta-Information Reader

I've been doing a lot of reading about the Nikon D1 digital camera, and have found some sources of many sample images (e.g. www.imaging-resource.com). Several reviews of the camera bemoaned the lack of a non-commercial program to extract meta-information from the camera's files, so I decided to try and reverse engineer something. It turns out much of the information is stored in the relatively standard Exif format, and I was further able to decode a good chunk of the Nikon specific fields too.

MetaCam is written in C++, and built in a fairly general manner which is not Nikon-Specific. I've added some Olympus fields too since I happened to have some documentation about them. It should be pretty easy to add support for other cameras which use the Exif format, and for some of the as-yet-unknown fields within them.

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MetaCam is released under the GNU Public Licence.

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